swimspaHP4There are many ways a hot tub can be manufactured. All have Pros and Cons. If you’ve shopped around a bit for a hot tub you’ll know the sales people will all  tell you why their spas are the best. If they sell Full Foam built hot tubs, well guess what… Full Foam are the best. If they sell perimeter insulated hot tubs, then they are the best and so on. Once you go to three or four different retailers you will usually leave more confused than you started.

We at Spa Country will give you honest information on our spas and what the 4 different brands we carry have to offer. Probably as important as the quality of the hot tub you purchase is the integrity and honesty of the retail company that you purchase your tub from. We stand behind all of the products we sell and are proud of our reputation with our customers.

In our experience you will use your hot tub more if it is closer to the main house or changing room. In -30c using to hot tub is great but the run to and from the spa can be a challenge.

Electrical cost can get more expensive depending on how far the electrician has to run the wire. So keep in mind a typical wiring bill can run from $800 to $1500 or more


Hot tub look great sunk down into a deck BUT you must think about the future. Hot Tub are a machine and maintenance is required.  It is important that a service technician can have access to the entire spa, 360Degrees of access is best so talk with sales rep and your builder so it is not going to be a problem in the future. Everyone has their dream backyard oasis let us help make yours come to reality.

The decision to get a mold that has no loungers, 1 lounger or more is your preference. But to help you make the decision is basically this. Loungers take an entire side typically so that means less people can fit in the spa. If you plan to use your spa to entertain friends, a non-lounger may be preferable. If you have decided on a lounger model you should ask for a wet test and if that company is not willing to offer a wet test, then they don’t want your business.


Most hot tubs range from 30” to 42” in depth but the seats will come in at different levels as most manufactures try to design molds for all shapes and sizes. Some people can feel hotter than the others, so it’s nice to be able to sit in a shallower seat so you can get your upper body out of the water to cool off. Also regarding height of hot tub. A manual delivery requires 2 people and the hot tub is placed on its side. Going through a gate can be a challenge depending on size of spa so measure your openings, if they are to small it may require a section of fence to be removed or a crane to place it in your back yard. Every delivery is never the same but with our expert delivery team we can overcome any challenge.

JETS – The number of jets is not always the do all to end all. Type and feel of the jets are more important than the number. 100 small little bullet jets that just drill you in one spot do not feel great over a period of time, it’s better to have a variety of size and styles to get a full body message.

PUMPS – Comes in different horse power rating. Basically the more the jets you have the larger the HP needed or they will add another pump to accommodate the extra jets. Put your hand in a running spa to feel the flow.

Keep in mind that horse power is a measure of power and the more the power the more the spa will cost to run.*other factors are involved as well*

Maintenance- There are two types of maintenance and they go hand in hand. First is chemical maintenance and if you do this properly the water will be safe and it will make the hot tub equipment last longer without problems. Hot tub Maintenance is once a year peek in on the equipment and look for any signs of leaks at unions and seals. Otherwise it is quite a simple process. At Spa Country We give you a spa school onsite when you purchase your spa and we are only phone call away to troubleshoot any issues over the phone. We also do free water testing.

One of the most important components for energy savings. Covers have not changed since the spa industry started. Foam coves basically take on water the minute you put it on your hot tub.

We describe it like brakes on a car, as you use it eventually you will need to replace it. Most spa Manufacture do not build the covers themselves. They use a third party Foam Cover manufacture that will give them the best volume deal. Three to Four years down the road you will need to replace your cover. What if I told you that you can stop this Cycle of throwing your old cover into the landfill and purchasing a new one just to do it again in 3 years?

Check out our cover section for details on our exclusive AirFrame cover option.


Who can hook them up?

Contact us for hot tub installation.

What kind of power is needed to run a hot tub?

It depends on how many volts is needed to run your hot tub. It is best to consult a licensed electrician or contractor when planning for the electrical set-up of your hot tub, as well as reading the owner’s manual for your specific model and provide the information to your electrician.

What kind of base is suitable?

A concrete base is best suited but not always needed. 4-6 inches of road crush that is wet packed and leveled though-out the base of the hot tub is fine but you should consult with the retailer as they my have different specs for there brands they sell. It is very important that you ask what is suitable to keep the warranty valid. If your putting the hot tub on a deck, make sure it is built to hold the weight.

How often should I check my water?

Water should be checked three to five times per week. Test the chlorine and PH levels. A water test strip will let you know that all is well or that the levels need to be adjusted.

How do I keep the water clean?

Its a combination of sanitizing chemical such as chlorine or bromine and the filtration system of the hot tub. We can walk you through what is best for your family and explain how to balance the chemicals so you can feel safe and secure that your hot tub water is safe as can be. There are also other product on the market that can minimize the chlorine or bromine levels such as enzymes, ozone and saltwater generators

How much does it cost to run a hot tub?

Depending on how much use and maintenance the hot tub receives, it could be anywhere from $30-60 a month. Don’t be fooled by companies telling you it won’t cost more than $20/ month. There are to many factors involved to give you a figure like that.

What the difference between a hot tub and a spa?

There is no difference, they are synonymous now. Whether you call them Spas, Hot Tubs or even Jacuzzi’s. It is now referred to the same things.