Catalina Spa 16'-21', Swim Spa
About This Project

The 16′ Pool Series Swim Spa is a stretched out 12.6 Regatta giving a swimmer lots of room to move around or that extra room for the kids to have fun. It comes in two different depth options 51” or a super deep 62” deep version. Comes in an in-ground version as well( 24”are able to be below ground or in deck. In-ground version are also longer to accommodate the equipment). Comes in 3 different pump series, 2,3 or 4 pump series

Specs 190.5” x 90” x 51/62” Deep Portable (2,3 or 4 pump)

203” x 90” x 51/62” Deep in-ground (2 & 3 pump versions)

215” x 90” x 51/62” Deep in-ground (4 pump version)

Dry weight  approx 2900lbs and holds a capacity of 2000 US Gallons.

2 Pump= two 5hp pumps and 2 River Jets, Requires 40amp Service

3 Pump= one 5hp pump, two 4hp pumps and 2 River Jets. Requires 50amp Service

4 Pump= four 4hp pump,3 River Jets. Requires 60amp Service

Standard equipment

  • 20 Stainless Steel Jets
  • Body Message
  • Exersice Equipment (Row Bars &Resistance bands)
  • Two 36” Exercise Bars
  • Underwater LED Lighting
  • Aux Topside Controller (available only on 4 pump version)

Optional Equipment

  • Corona Discharge Ozone System
  • 5.5KW Slave Heater 30amp dedicated line required
  • Swim Pro Pole and harness
  • (6) Crystal Water Features
  • (2) Spill Over Waterfalls
  • (24) Perimeter LED Light Set
  • Turbo Charged Air Jet System
  • Digital Media Receiver AM/FM- Bluetooth Stereo (No CD)
  • Subwoofer
  • WiFi Control Option