Hot Tub, Hydropool Self Clean (4-7 Person)
About This Project

The Hydropool Self-Cleaning 670 is a 6-person hot tub with an extremely comfortable never-float lounger that can accommodate a wide range of heights, while its corner seats deliver a variety of targeted neck, back, wrist and calf hydromassage options.

This hot tub is offered in a 35 Jet Gold Series and a 45-jet Platinum Series. The Hydropool Self-Cleaning 670 includes our patented Self-Cleaning system, and our optional Luxury, Tranquility or Hydro-Ther packages may be added to take relaxation to the next level.



Self-Cleaning Hot Tub Model 670

Weight Full 4090 lbs / 1856 kg
Weight Empty 886 lbs / 402 kg
Shell Length 84 Inches / 213.36 cm
Shell Width 84 Inches / 213.36 cm
Shell Height 39 Inches / 99.06 cm
Volume 384 US Gal / 1454 L
Seating 6-7