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Swim Spas are a relatively new innovation especially in the homeowners market. Up until fairly recently it was only a dream to think about owning your very own swim spa in the comfort of your own home. The cost and the logistics were enough to put almost everyone (except the very rich) off. Today, that has all changed. Now the average homeowner can choose to install a state of the art swim spa at a reasonable cost in his/her home!

Can you imagine the pleasure and the benefit of being able to hop in to your very own swim spa, set the parameters for the kind of swimming work out you want and then going for it! And when you’re finished with your exhilarating and enervating workout, can you imagine what it would feel like to sit back and relax in your swim spa that has now become your personal whirlpool or hot tub?

If you are wondering where you would fit a swim spa into your home, you might be surprised at how little room you really need.  Spa Country has swim spas that range in size from 12 feet long to 21 feet in length. These swim spas can accommodate one to several exercisers at any given time and can have built in exercise bars and other aquatic exercise equipment added.

As with hot tubs, swim spas come configured in many different ways. You will find lighting systems, audio systems, and aromatherapy systems that are designed to your personal taste. Water temperature can also be controlled (of course) and you can be as cool or toasty as you wish.