With the popularity of the swim spa growing Manufactures are making more and more models. So the options you have are growing. Size is one of the biggest decisions to make, A swim spa typically starts at around 12ft and goes up from there.

Is the reason your interested in a swim spa more for fun vs. swim and want the versatility to have both? Money can be saved if this is the reason because there are the serious swim machine that will out perform less expensive versions. Some even made by the same manufacture. Talk will your sales person so they can fit the right swim spa for your needs

Dual tank combos are an excellent way to have a hot tub and a cooler temp swim spa all in one.

Swim spas are a very large unit in your back yard and will be craned into place. Picking a place is similar to a hot tub. Closer to the House will be best for use on cold temperature areas. Its best to put swim spas on concrete pad as the weight once filled with water will exceed 12000lbs to 20000lbs.

Swim spa manufacture can make swim spas so it can be put in a hole and then back filled up to the sub frame while still having access to the equipment(which is very important) or build a deck around the spa, Either way in ground, deck surround, or free standing a swim spa can be built to suit your back yard dream and be that focal point of any back yard oasis.

Swim spas start at the 42” (inside depth may be shallower) This height is more used for the fun side and not for a serious swimmer. More common is the 49”-54” depths and now there as deep as 62”.

Jets– the swim jets are the most important jets in the swim spa, there can be as little as 1 or as many as 7 and they can come in different shapes. Swimming against them will all feel different as water gets pushed through them. Round style have a tendency to rifle out so you may find it hard to stay in the path. Oval or more commonly referred to as river jets are better as the current comes out in a wider path and then some of the better river jets have diffusers in them that make it so the current is smoother to swim against. So its best to test swim one before you purchase, and know what your spending your hard earned money on.

Pumps– A little as 2 pump or as many as 5 and they also come in different horse powers.

If you are the serious swimmer get a spa with a minimum of 3 pump and 3 swim jets (1 pump/jet)

if not serious then you can compromise and purchase with less

Maintenance– Same as the hot tub maintenance starts with chemicals. Do them correctly and the maintenance on the swim spa will be minimal

                         The covers that come standard on swim spa or the same as a hot tub just more of them. After you have swam for ½hr who wants to man handle the foam sections back onto the swim spa. But Wait Spa County has the answer. So go to our Cover section and check out the End 2 End option or the Air Frame options available for swim spas.



Who can hook them up?

Contact us for hot tub installation.

What kind of power is needed to run a hot tub?

It depends on how many volts is needed to run your hot tub. It is best to consult a licensed electrician or contractor when planning for the electrical set-up of your hot tub, as well as reading the owner’s manual for your specific model and provide the information to your electrician.

What kind of base is suitable?

A concrete base is best suited but not always needed. 4-6 inches of road crush that is wet packed and leveled though-out the base of the hot tub is fine but you should consult with the retailer as they my have different specs for there brands they sell. It is very important that you ask what is suitable to keep the warranty valid. If your putting the hot tub on a deck, make sure it is built to hold the weight.

How often should I check my water?

Water should be checked three to five times per week. Test the chlorine and PH levels. A water test strip will let you know that all is well or that the levels need to be adjusted.

How do I keep the water clean?

Its a combination of sanitizing chemical such as chlorine or bromine and the filtration system of the hot tub. We can walk you through what is best for your family and explain how to balance the chemicals so you can feel safe and secure that your hot tub water is safe as can be. There are also other product on the market that can minimize the chlorine or bromine levels such as enzymes, ozone and saltwater generators

How much does it cost to run a hot tub?

Depending on how much use and maintenance the hot tub receives, it could be anywhere from $30-60 a month. Don’t be fooled by companies telling you it won’t cost more than $20/ month. There are to many factors involved to give you a figure like that.

What the difference between a hot tub and a spa?

There is no difference, they are synonymous now. Whether you call them Spas, Hot Tubs or even Jacuzzi’s. It is now referred to the same things.

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